Political puppetry at Barn and Tarland

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It is told that in ancient Persia, the beautiful and witty Scheherazade tamed the angry king by telling captivating stories over one thousand and one nights, thus sparing her life.

Like a modern day Scheherazade but from the mythical country of Irania, the story-teller Khadijah weaves tales as intricate as the rug upon which she sits.

The Chronicles of Irania, which will be at the Woodend Barn in Banchory on Thursday, June 9 and at the MacRobert Hall in Tarland on June 10 at 7.30 pm, takes the audience on a surprising journey through stories of ancient folk, violently interrupted by voices of modern Iranian women.

From the strong opening, a colourful Khadijah emerges to welcome the audience and serve hot tea and sweets; the care of the guests continues amid harrowing tales of oppression and cruelty. It is fast-paced and at times, comical but always played with warmth and passion by actor Maryam Hamidi.

Glasgow based A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company, say that they wish ‘to explore the inextricable links between the personal and the political’ and co-writer and director Catrin Evans has certainly done this.

The Chronicles of Irania has been hailed as one of the best Edinburgh Fringe shows because of its remarkable simplicity of production and poignant performance.

Tickets for performances at Banchory’s Woodend Barn and Tarland’s MacRobert Hall are available by calling the Barn on 01330 825431 or online at www.woodendbarn.co.uk