Aberdeenshire vote on EU membership declared

The votes from Aberdeenshire being announced
The votes from Aberdeenshire being announced

Aberdeenshire voted to remain in the European Union, despite the UK looking likely to leave the EU.

With a turnout of 70.6%, the region decided by 76,445 in favour to stay within the EU and 62,515 to leave. That means 54.99% of voters opted to remain a member and 44.97% voted to leave. This matched a trend of Scottish constituencies voting in favour or European membership.

The count was carried out and declared at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

The votes will go into a nationwide pot - as opposed to elections where a constituency’s votes stand alone - that will decide the UK’s membership. The final outcome will be declared .

139,014 out of a possible 196,809 people in the region voted - in line with the national turnout of around 70% (at time of writing).