Army award for Highlander Harper

Highlander Harper
Highlander Harper

Highlander Kyle Harper of Braemar has won a prestigious army award following the completion of his army recruit training.

Twenty-one-year-old Kyle successfully completed the Combat Infantryman’s Course at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick, North Yorkshire.

His platoon commander, Lieutenant Will Pullen, said: “Highlander Harper has won the Soldiers’ Soldier award.

‘‘This goes to the recruit who his peers think is the best soldier in the platoon, so it’s a highly regarded award.

‘‘Ninety-five per cent of the platoon voted for him, which was no surprise to the training staff.

‘‘Highlander Harper was also in the running for the Best Recruit award. He is a worthy winner of this prize.”

Kyle was presented with the award at the passing out parade ceremony at the Infantry Training Centre on November 7.

He said: “Some of my family were in the Highlanders in the past, and a couple of friends have joined the regiment so I’ve had some influence from there.

‘‘It’s always been something I wanted to do anyway.

“It’s surprising how mentally challenging some of the exercises at Catterick can be; you expect them to be physically challenging, and they are, but you have to keep switched on for long periods of time.

“That the rest of the platoon think I’m a good guy gives me a great sense of achievement.

‘‘I’ve tried to rub along with everyone and just crack on.”

Highlander Harper will go on some well earned leave before joining his new unit, the 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.