No Thanks to vandalism: Deeside posters targeted

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A number of signs erected by Better Together campaigners have been targeted by vandals after they were put up across Deeside at the weekend.

Better Together put up the purple signs with permission on private land on Deeside between July 23-26.

Some were reported damaged just hours later.

Alexander Burnett, Scottish Conservative Candidate for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine said: “Whilst there is no evidence to prove who did it, I think most reasonable people will draw their own conclusions.

“Accessing someone else’s property with a knife to cause criminal damage has no place in any debate. Voters should not be intimidated in making their democratic choice on September 18th.”

Twelve of the signs were defaced over the weekend, with the words ‘No Thanks’ being cut out of many of the boards.

Others were defaced with graffiti. In some cases the signs were spray painted with the word ‘Yes’.

Signs are also in place in the local area showing support for the Yes campaign.

Earlier this year signs and flags in favour of independence were erected on land along the A957 from Banchory to Stonehaven. Some of these were later removed.

The No Thanks posters were put up in Strathdon on Saturday morning, July 26, and were vandalised within 12 hours.

The other posters were put up along the A93 between Banchory and Dinnet. All posters along the road have been defaced.