Polling day in Holyrood contest

Ballot box
Ballot box

Voters in Aberdeenshire West, along with the rest of the country, head to the polls today (Thursday) to decide who will represent them in the new Scottish Parliament.

The four candidates in the constituency are Dennis Robertson (SNP), Alexander Burnett (Conservative), Mike Rumbles (Liberal Democrat) and Sarah Duncan (Labour).

Campaigning has been taking place since the Parliament was dissolved in late March and 129 MSPs will be returned to Holyrood.

Under the Additional Member System (AMS) used to elect MSPs, voters receive two ballot papers for their constituency vote and regional vote.

In the regional vote, parties have selected their candidates who they would have represent the wider North East of Scotland region.

There are 12 parties who are fielding candidates in the regional vote.

There are eight regions across Scotland that will each elect seven MSPs making a total of 56 MSPs under the regional list.

The Deeside Piper will be at the North-east count tonight to bring you the latest news as it happens on how the new Parliament is taking shape.