‘Rid Scotland of nuclear weapons’

MEMORIAL: Hiroshima Memorial event, lanterns being released on the River Dee
MEMORIAL: Hiroshima Memorial event, lanterns being released on the River Dee

Donside based MSP, Christian Allard, has said power to rid Scotland of nuclear weapons is in the hands of the people, come September 18.

The French born politician made his comments on the 69th anniversary of the first atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

The SNP MSP joined other members of the Aberdeen and District Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, community and faith groups and members of the public to commemorate Hiroshima on the banks of the river Dee.

200 peace lanterns were released for the 200,000 men, woman and children that died after atomic bombs were dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

The memorial heard contributions from Imam Ibrahim from the Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Centre, Yu Aoki a woman born in Hiroshima who lives and works in Aberdeen and 90-year-old Hilda Meers’ poetry was read by Tommy Campbell of Unite Union and Aberdeen Trades Council.

Mr Allard also challenged Labour politicians to disassociate themselves from the contradiction of telling the world to disarm while voting for the UK to renew its nuclear weapons system and instead back the campaign for an independent Scotland free from nuclear weapons.

“Labour and the coalition parties in Westminster are committed to the irrational and costly renewal of the Trident. A majority in the Scottish Parliament made up of SNP and Green MSPs supports the scrapping of the weapons system – but under the current system we are powerless to act.

“On September 18 the power to remove Trident will lie in the hands of the people – not the politicians.”