SNP candidates for North east welcome party leader


SNP candidate for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine, Stuart Donaldson, last week welcomed Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon to the North East.

Mr Donaldson joined the First Minister in “setting out how a team of SNP MPs will be a strong voice for the North East.”

Mr Donaldson said: “The North East of Scotland has been let down by Labour, Lib Dems and Tories for generations – but with austerity continuing to bite, now more than ever this area needs a strong voice at Westminster to truly stand up for the interests of people living and working here.

“The SNP has strong record of standing up for both urban and rural communities across this area – delivering on infrastructure projects, supporting small business, playing a key role in supporting the oil and gas sector through the Energy Jobs Taskforce and providing funding for the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre.

“With the right support, the North Sea has a bright future – and with a strong team of SNP MPs holding Westminster to account, we can guarantee that support is delivered and the interests of the North East simply can’t be ignored any longer.”

“Westminster has played fast and loose with our oil revenue and mismanaged the North Sea industry for decades – with tax grabs from successive Chancellors holding the industry back and putting jobs and investment at risk. The UK Government’s delayed response to the current situation in the North Sea proves beyond doubt it is time for a new approach.

The North East of Scotland has been let down by Labour, Lib Dems and Tories for generations.

Stuart Donaldson, SNP Candidate for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine

“SNP MPs at Westminster will speak as strongly for the North East in Westminster as we have always done at Holyrood.”

The visit came in the wake of a smear campaign against First Minister Sturgeon last week.

The SNP leader said Liberal Democrat Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael needed to “question his whole approach to politics” after he admitted that a Whitehall memo, which claimed the SNP secretly wants David Cameron to stay on as Prime Minister, was written by his department.

Mr Carmichael attempted to downplay the leak by saying: “This is the middle of an election campaign, these things happen.”