Teacher debates White Paper on national radio

Stewart Whyte
Stewart Whyte

An Aboyne Academy teacher has set out his position on the recently published White Paper on a nation-wide radio programme.

History teacher Stewart Whyte on BBC Radio 5Live’s Breakfast News on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to discuss the SNP Government’s Paper on Independence. Mr Whyte represented the Better Together side in two joint interviews sessions with John-Paul Tonner a Yes supporting Modern Studies teacher at Linwood High School.

The Paper sets out what the SNP believes Scotland could look like following a ‘Yes’ vote at next year’s referendum (see special report on page eight).

The segment on the Tuesday morning, broadcast at 7.40am for about 10 minutes, was done with Scottish radio and television host Nicky Campbell.

Mr Whyte and Mr Tonner were asked about their views on Independence in general and more specifically how it would effect young people and education.

Mr Whyte said: “I didn’t find it a nerve-wracking experience as I was speaking about something that I am passionate about. It was a thrill and an honour to be representing the major of Scots’ viewpoint to a UK-wide audience. A couple of teachers and pupils from Aboyne Academy heard it and said that it was a shock to hear someone they know being interviewed on such an important issue. They were kind enough to add that they thought I came over well. Eleanor Oldroyd said that they will likely get us back on...”