Power lost as storms hit Deeside

Braemar Castle flooded
Braemar Castle flooded

Hundreds of people in Deeside were left without electricity this week after a power line was blown down near Banchory on Monday.

Around 400 homes in Banchory, Strachan, Auchattie and Finzean lost power when the line came down at around 7:30am.

A spokesperson for SSE said approximately 1500 people had been affected. Power was restored at 1:46pm, but a secondary problem occurred soon after causing further loss of power to Deeside homes. Residents reported a four-hour power cut in Finzean.

Flood alerts were issued across the North East on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 August as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha hit the region, causing landslides, flooding and power cuts.

Police announced the closure of the A93 between Ballater and Braemar and the A980 between Alford and Lumphanan on Monday.

Braemar Castle saw its very own moat appear as flood water surrounded the building and Ballater Caravan Park was evacuated on Monday afternoon due to the severe weather conditions.