Presenter launches 2014 bangle raffle

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Scottish newsreader Laura Goodwin appeared in Deeside this week to officially launch the 2014 Banchory Bangle charity raffle

The STV anchor visited the Wee Bourachie Shop in Banchory yesterday, Wednesday, where this year’s bangles are on display, to launch the raffle.

Ms Goodwin said: “These are beautiful pieces of jewellery and each year’s design is different from the last.

‘‘Anyone would be thrilled to win the Banchory bangle and, since every penny raised from the sale of the tickets will go to helping some of Scotland’s most vulnerable children and young people, there’s really no reason not to buy a ticket.”

The unique bangle is designed by one of the world’s most renowned jewellers and engravers is being raffled to raise funds for charity Children 1st.

Dr Malcolm Appleby has designed a new bangle every year for the charity since the 1970s, and raffle ticket sales for these exclusive items have raised more than £124,000 since 1999 alone.

Speaking of this year’s design, Dr Appleby said: “House sparrows are a childhood memory; a welcome chirruping in our garden hedge. We have a colony at Grandtully that make their homes in a nearby holly hedge.

‘‘Holly is used as a heraldic symbol on Deeside, and when I lived at Crathes Station house sparrows also made it their home. I brought those elements together and added caterpillars and wee beasties for the sparrows to feed their babies with.

‘‘here is also one cheeky little blue tit popping its head out of the hedge. The inside of the bangle is adapted from a piece of 18 century iron work that I have in my collection.”

Tickets can be bought from the Wee Bourachie. The winner will be drawn at the Touch of Tartan Ball on November 21 at the Beach Ballroom. First prize is a gold bangle with silver copy. Second prize is a silver bangle.