‘Project Woolly’ gets underway

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Project Woolly has taken off all over the Echt, Skene and Midmar Agricultural Association area.

Echt, Skene, Dunecht, Cluny and Midmar primary schools have each been linked with a local farmer to learn about sheep farming and each has ‘adopted’ a lamb from their farmer.

The children are to give their lamb a name, keep a diary/information about it and its development and growth.

Midmar pupils met their, yet to be named lamb, last week for the first time. The children were excited and names for the lamb - including Mint and Sauce - were mentioned. The project is to run for the duration of the summer term.

Midmar School headteacher Mrs Shepherd said: “This project is an excellent example of schools linking with their community to enhance children’s learning experiences. So many children in rural schools no longer have a farming background and therefore have little knowledge of the industry on their doorstep. “This hands-on experience will be invaluable and we are indebted to Norman Brown for his support. The project will involve children working across a number of curricular areas, including numeracy, literacy, health and wellbeing, science, enterprise, technology and social studies and will provide a real context for learning for our children. The children are looking forward to naming their lamb and eagerly awaiting their next visit.”

On Echt Show Day, July 14, each school will receive an area to display its work in the education tent. The farmers will bring the five lambs to the show, which will be penned outside for public viewing.

For more information, visit www.echtshow.co.uk