Promoting wood as a fuel for heating

Representatives attending the Birse wood fuel event at Finzean are pictured.
Representatives attending the Birse wood fuel event at Finzean are pictured.

A conference and exhibition was held in Finzean Hall to promote the greater use of wood as a fuel for heating.

Organised by Birse Community Trust, with funding from the Climate Challenge Fund, the successful event attracted over 90 people from across Aberdeenshire.

Key note presentations were given by the Energy Savings Trust on energy efficiency in buildings, by Birse Community Trust on a local survey of energy use in the parish, by the Forestry Commission on using logs, by Aberdeenshire Council on the Renewable Heat Incentive and by AD Heating on pellet and chip boilers. There were 11 exhibitors covering all aspects of burning wood – from funding, energy saving advice, suppliers of word burning systems and suppliers of logs, pellets and chips.

MP Sir Robert Smith said: “The event provided a lot of useful information to give people the confidence to consider using wood as a fuel to heat their homes.”

Dennis Robertson MSP said: “The price of home fuel oil has rocketed in the same way as gas and electricity leaving the rural fuel poor out in the cold. I congratulate John Forster, the project manager, for the timing of the event, the exhibition and the talks, which answered many questions before another cold winter in Deeside.”

John Forster, manager of the project for Birse Community Trust, gave thanks to all the exhibitors and speakers and said that the event was another milestone in raising awareness of the significance of woodfuel for the parish.