Pupils fundraise for school

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Aboyne Primary School presented a cheque for £1,220.83 to Dr Karen Laurenson, for the charity Friends of the Bale Mountains.

P7 pupils at the school have been supporting the charity for five years, by presenting a show each June to parents and members of the community.

The money is used to support a primary school in the village of Rira, Ethiopia, where previous P7s decided how the money should be spent. Their fundraising has contributed towards scholarships for two teenage boys, 10 desks, and windows for three classrooms. Dr Laurenson gives her time to visit Rira to find out how the school and pupils are progressing and then provides Aboyne pupils with updates and photos of the equipment they have bought. The pupils (now S1) who collected the money more recently have decided the money should be spent on providing scholarships for two teenage girls and further equipment required for the school.