Pupils urge drivers to cut their speed

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Parents, pupils and staff at a Donside primary school are urging local drivers to cut their speed before there is a tragic accident.

And they say that the normal 60mph limit on the A980 – which is reduced to 20mph when flashing signs operate – is still too fast in the vicinity of the school.

Now pupils at Craigievar Primary are hoping to encourage drivers to slow down by distributing letters and leaflets locally.

The Parent Council, police, road staff and teachers are meeting this week to discuss what else they can do to get the message across.

Head Teacher Andrea Drummond told the Piper there were two main concerns: “First is that drivers are not following the speed limit during the reduced 20mph times – before and after school and at lunchtimes – and that a ‘normal’ speed limit of 60mph is too fast.”

She said that in the past year traffic police had cautioned and charged drivers driving at speeds well above the 20mph limit when the warning signs were flashing and that the drivers were mainly local.

The school has been visited by road safety officers from Grampian Police who listened to pupils’ concerns.

The school has also worked with the council to put up additional signs to urge drivers to slow down. Vertical signs were put in place in the summer and a ‘slow’ sign painted on the road in September.

But drivers are still speeding past the school which fronts on to the busy A980 road to Alford.

This week pupils were putting up their own laminated signs outside the school and are distributing letters and leaflets in and around the area, asking people to slow down.

The issue will be raised at the next meeting of Alford & District Community Council and by the minister at Cushnie and Tough church services.

Andrea Drummond said concerns over speeding were longstanding but they were determined to do what they could to make people more aware of the dangers:”For the last year, the Parent Council have been trying to improve awareness of road users.”