Quackers about Yellow Duck Project

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A Deeside woman has joined people around the world in knitting up a storm to highlight the importance of medical donations.

Mrs Tina Thomas of Lumphanan contacted the Piper this week to raise awareness of The Little Yellow Duck Project, even sending us our own knitted duck!

Mrs Thomas released 50 hand-knitted little yellow ducks around Aberdeen on October 1 to highlight the project.

She said: “These ducks are just random acts of kindness, highlighting the need for blood, bone marrow, organ and tissue donations.

“People around the world are crafting and knitting little yellow ducks as random acts of kindess and they are left in public places for other folk to find.”

Each duck comes with a special tag inviting the finder to take it home and brighten their day. A map is to be compiled as finders visit the Little Yellow Duck Project website and register where they found their gift.

The website does not request donations or personal details and is simply for logging the ducks.

Mrs Thomas said: “To date 1610 ducks have now been found in 45 countries but we need more in Scotland.”

The organisers of The Little Yellow Duck Project hope that real life stories and information found on the website will encourage people to engage in their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, organs and tissues.

The public are also welcome to promote the project themselves by joining in and leaving ducks for others to find.

The project was founded on April 15 2014 in memory of Clare Cruickshank, a 26 year old woman who collected yellow ducks.

Clare had cystic fibrosis and needed a lung transplant.

Sadly in this case, a donor was never found, but Clare asked her family to ensure her organs and tissue were donated after her death. Thanks to the donation of her corneas, two young adults have had their sight restored.

Mrs Thomas encouraged others to take part in the project, which was inspired by Clare’s generosity and love of little yellow ducks.

She said: “I would be delighted if more folk in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire would start making ducks and dotting them throughout the area. There are free crafting patterns on the website.”

For more information, visit http://thelittleyellowduckproject.org.

We’ll be mapping our little yellow duck too!