“Quite the experience!” says Tuk-Tuk man Bill

Bill Sutherland, the man from Kincardine O’Neil who crossed India in a tiny motorised rickshaw, has said a big “thank you” to all those who donated to his cause.

Big hearted Bill and his Chigago friend Pat Moon set off on a 3,500 km journey from Jaisalmer in North India to Cochin in the south, on nothing but a “tuk-tuk”.

The tuk-tuks, as the motorised rickshaws are known locally, use a miniscule 145cc engine pushing seven horse power on three tiny wheels- all for a charity close to Bill’s heart.

Bill’s grandson had to spend his first weeks in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Neo-natal unit and Bill wanted to thank the doctors and nurses in his own way.

The duo raised £3000 for their charities, the majority going to The Friends of the Special Nursery - Neonatal Aberdeen as a thank you to the skills and dedication of the Midwives at the Aboyne Hospital and the staff of the Neonatal Unit at the ARI.

The Indian nominated charity was Frank Water project which provided clean water to the county’s villages.

The race started at Noon on New Year’s day 1st January and they crossed the finish line at 12:28 on the 13th January.

Bill told The Piper: “It was quite the experience seeing India from six inches above the ground! Our top speed was about 30 mph which gives you an idea of how long it took!”

Bill and Pat’s adventure saw them cover about 300 km a day on the tiny vehicles.

In true “Wacky Races” style the pair were up against 77 other tuk-tuks and placed a respectable 8th.

“We couldn’t believe it when we looked around at the finish line and their were no other rickshaws!” Bill added.