Raising cash in Donside to help Bogra

Inside the Nawkhila School
Inside the Nawkhila School

A Donside teacher is holding a quiz night later this month to raise funds to help a school in Bangladesh which has been flooded three times.

Sorley Johnston, a language teacher in Alford, visited the Nawkhila School in the Bogra District of Bangladesh in 2014 alongside local English teacher Dawn Leslie.

“We were spending a week at a well-to-do school in Bogra as part of the Connecting Schools programme,” explained Sorley, “and while we were there they went out to the Nawkhila School to help out, as it had been destroyed three times by flooding.”

On why he decided to try and continue helping them, Sorley said: “The kids were so well turned out for school - they took their education very seriously as a way out of poverty.

“We felt quite humble being there, and when we came back here, to where people complain about a lot of things, they just seemed really deserving of our help.

He added: “They showed a lot of interest in Britain too. They were asking us all kinds of questions about the country, and were even interested in the referendum.

“Their history is actually tied up with us as it was initially founded in the 19th century by the British.”

All money raised at the quiz night will go to the school Sorley and Dawn originally visited, which already last year used money raised in Donside to purchase some new land for the Nawkhila School, higher up, safe and away from the floodplains.

The quiz night takes place at the Tullynessle and Forbes Hall near Alford, on Saturday, February 27. It costs £5 per person and entrants can be in teams of up to four.

You can help them by booking a table in advance with Sorley, by either calling him on 07718140695 or emailing him at: sorley1@btopenworld.com. It’s bring your own booze and there will be snacks and a raffle.