Renal ward given £1,144

Members of Raemoir Trout Fishery have reeled in the cash as they raised over one thousand pounds for the Renal Ward Fund.

A presentation was held at the fishery last weekend when 14 year-old Michael Reed, from Aboyne, handed over a cheque to Dr Carol Brunton from the fund.

Dr Brunton said: “We are all very grateful to everyone who helped raise this total.

“The money will be put towards the Renal Ward Fund which was created to benefit patients. Therefore the funds can go towards new equipment or other aspects that may need upgrading around the ward.”

Michael Reed suffers from chronic renal failure.

He underwent his first operation at three weeks old and at the age of two, had part of his left kidney removed after doctors discovered it had never functioned and his right kidney was functioning at only 35-40%.

As reported in the Piper earlier this year, his creatine levels, which help measure kidney function, were very high at the start of the year, so doctors began pre-emptive transplant tests and procedures on the Deeside teenager.

His mum, Tula Smout, was found to be a suitable kidney donor.

Doctors told Tula they would not let Michael’s creatinine levels exceed 400 and they were measured 363.

But at his last blood tests in the summer, his creatinine levels had dropped to 292.

Tula and Michael are hopeful that the transplant will take place at the beginning of next year.