Requests to examine safety at junction

Banchory & Mid Deeside Councillor Karen Clark is calling on Aberdeenshire Council to review road safety at the busy Upper Lochton junction off Raemoir Road.

The call comes after a number of local residents have raised concerns with her over the junction amid fears of an increase in HGV traffic with the construction of a new waste transfer station at the Crow’s Nest landfill site.

Cllr Clark said: “I wrote recently to roads officers to ask for a fresh look at this junction and they are promising some new actions, including improving road markings and installing additional speed restriction signs, if appropriate.

“There is also a pledge to repair and upgrade the access road off Upper Lochton to the landfill site which is badly needed.”

In his response to Cllr Clark, Donald Raymond of Infrastucture Services said: “The amount of traffic for the new waste transfer station will involve three to four articulated lorries and trailers per day Monday to Friday and two lorries on Saturday mornings.

“This will be offset by the reduced number of tankers currently required to remove leachate from the landfill site, as the site will hopefully be almost completely restored by the time the Waste Transfer Station is built this year.

“The amount of deliveries of residential household waste by the council lorries will be no different from those which existed up to July 12 2011 when the landfill site closed.”

Cllr Clark added: “Residents still feel there is a need to review the junction. “There is increased housing planned for the area using this access and the recycling centre will remain very busy.

“Many people have asked why we can’t keep the speed limit at 30mph coming out of Banchory until after the Upper Lochton junction.

“At the moment, the 40mph sign at the garden centre encourages drivers to speed up just as they approach the turn off.

“Residents have problems turning towards Banchory direction as cars and vans regularly park on the open space by the horses’ field making it impossible to see the road clearly. The large sign advertising new houses does not help either.

“I am now trying to organise a meeting with roads officials, local councillors and residents to see what can be done to address these genuine concerns.”

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said: “The bulk of the road between Upper Lochton Road and the waste transfer station is a private road, albeit owned by Aberdeenshire Council.

“Our roads service will be attending a meeting to inspect and agree a repair and maintenance schedule for the private access road from Upper Lochton Road to the Crows Nest site as required by the planning consent.

“This inspection will include the issues raised by Cllr Clark.”