Rescued horses seek new homes

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World Horse Welfare at Belwade Farm, Aboyne, has taken in a group of horses from the remote Scottish island of Islay after their owners were struggling to care for them due to the economic climate and poor health.

This is one of a number of multiple cases the charity has dealt with recently and is why it is urging people to consider rehoming one of their horses or ponies to free up space in their Rescue and Rehoming Centres.

The couple, who are struggling financially and both suffering poor health, decided they needed assistance with their horses which were underweight, suffering from rain scald and were being kept in a large area consisting mainly of scrubland and poached fields. The decision to remove the horses was a preventative measure to ensure the horses did not become serious welfare cases.

Four World Horse Welfare staff, a Scottish SPCA inspector and two of the owners’ family members rounded up the horses where they were then transported to Belwade. There, they will be cared for until they are ready to be rehomed.

Belwade Farm centre manager Eileen Gillen, said: “We hope this operation will relieve the pressure for the owners, as there is less worry now to try and find the time and money to be able to look after these horses in the way they would want to while suffering from ill-health.

“We wanted to be able to do the right thing and take in the horses, but it is especially difficult as all of our UK escue and rehoming centres are full to bursting point. Therefore we now, more than ever, need the help of members of the public to rehome our other horses so we can continue to take in more horses in need.”

To find out more about the horses and ponies currently ready and available for rehoming, visit the website at: