Residents enjoy a visit from nine dogs and their handlers


The Bon Accord Kennel Association held their summer Open show at the Seaton Park in early July.

This outdoor event has an enviable reputation for enjoying good weather and 2011 was no different.

The very placid Basset Hounds in the picture demonstrate the temperament which most show dogs are bred for. Many travel miles to venues all over Britain and they take all sorts of situations in their stride competing when in the ring, and relaxing when out of it.

Best In Show was the Newfoundland dog – Milne & Lyall’s Ch Scotiabear Talk Of The Town at Rathmil who has made quite a habit of taking this award.

The Reserve BIS prize went to a Westie owned by Mr & Mrs Bell from Lumphanan.

They had a great day, taking Best Puppy In Show as well.



There have been a number of charity canine events this summer, and three of these raised money for the Scottish SPCA.

The Canine Carnival had moved from its old Drum castle venue to Banchory’s Bellfield Park and, although the day was chilly and grey, the many fun events were very well supported and were enjoyed by all.

The two CDS events were also in the Park and, although the St Ternans Fair day was wet, the Banchory Show had great weather and 125 dogs filled the Pedigree and Novelty classes.

The Deeside Supporter Group would like to thank everyone who came to these events to raise money for animals less fortunate than their own.

There are now three re-homing centres in our area.

All of them are busy, and it does make me wonder why some people get a dog in the first place without giving real thought to how they will be able to look after it in the long term.

Of course, many animals are victims of circumstances which are beyond the control of genuinely loving owners, but the papers are still full of adverts for puppies and it is sad that some come quickly into the care of the Cat and Dog Home, or DAWGS or the SSPCA.


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DOGABILITY is the name used by a team of members of the Rosemary Pirie DogAbility training classes.

All of us have trained with Rosemary for a number of years, and up to last summer, we gave displays at big outdoor events.

Now, as dogs and handlers have grown older, we have adapted our displays to take account of the fact that high speed activities are no longer so practical.

So far this summer we have visited a Youth Club, a residential nursing home and two centres for frail and elderly folk.

Lately we visited Pitmurchie House at Torphins and it was such a great feeling when residents, reacted with joy to the arrival of nine dogs, all of different breeds and sizes.

We worked in quite a small space, surrounded by our audience and then the dogs were taken to those who wished to make contact with them, to allow them to do so in a gentle and controlled manner.

The pictures show the delighted reactions of some of the residents, one of whom told me that she had worked many years ago at the Battersea Dogs Home in London.

Star and I met several retired farmers who had stories to tell of their own Border Collies in days gone by and two of our smaller dogs, Dillie the Dandie Dinmont and Lark the spaniel made special friends on the day.

Flyball is a canine sport which is rapidly increasing in popularity. It is a speed trial which also demands accurate jumping and ball handling. Two teams, of four dogs go in direct competition, and it is exciting to watch for electronic equipment means that winning times are calculated to hundredths of a second.

The jumps are small so dog size is not quite so important as it would be in Agility. Many different breeds enjoy Flyball - though the Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs do dominate in this sport as in so many other canine competitions.

The picture shows a Border Collie pup at a summer show wondering which sport he will compete in one day.

Many people will have seen – and heard – the Flyball finals being run at Crufts; but few have had the chance to actually see the dogs in action.

On Saturday September 3 and Sunday September 4 there will be two days of competitive Flyball at the Milton of Crathes Event Field. Saturday has an open event with 18 teams of top class and experienced competitors.

Sunday offers six Starters teams and also some beginner work and both days should give a great deal of excitement and fun to dogs, handlers and spectators alike. There will be several teams from our area, so come and cheer on your favourites.