Residents take action after car park asbestos scare . . .

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ANGRY residents have taken action following the discovery of asbestos and other hazardous material at Aboyne’s Bellwood car park.

Owners, Mid Deeside Ltd (MDL), have responded to criticism following the discovery.

However, as the Piper went to press yesterday (Wednesday), the community company still hadn’t erected warning signs as ordered to by Aberdeenshire Council - which has led to residents taking the issue into their own hands by erecting warnings (pictured right).

MDL, chaired by Aboyne Councillor Peter Argyle, drew up a response to six questions put to them by the Mid Deeside Community Council.

The MDL statement said they had carried out a risk assessment of the site beforehand, that the site had been visited, that “allocation of funds had not driven their actions” and stressed the co-operation between MDL and the environmental agencies.


It added: “There were sound reasons for the decisions taken and, since the environmental issue arose, MDL has complied with every request and requirement of SEPA and Environmental Health.”

Mid-Deeside community councillor Brian Kinkhead said: “We are not sure we can glean very much from Mid Deeside Ltd’s carefully-crafted response.

‘‘I believe a lot of factual information has been withheld, but we will continue to listen to a very anxious community and share all information openly.

‘‘We would also encourage MDL to be fully transparent.

Community councillor Wilson Forbes said: “The questions asked on behalf of the community by MDCC have not been wholly and satisfactorily answered. Cllr. Argyle consistently avoids the key issues and implies that community health and safety was always of paramount importance.”

A full copy of the questions and MDL response will be displayed on the community notice board at Lloyds TSB Bank in Aboyne.