Rhynie Wifies join in celebrations

One of North-east Scotland’s most talented re-enactment groups, The Rhynie Wifies, are coming to Banchory to take part in the St Ternan’s Jubilee fair weekend.

The Wifies are made up of former Archaeolink employees and volunteers with a deep love and knowledge of history and who like to share the skills that they have accumulated with the public.

They use hands-on demonstration of crafts, cookery, storytelling and workshops.

They will be in Banchory Library and Museum from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, June 2. As the library and museum are having an ‘Upstairs-Downstairs’ theme this year with a visit from Queen Victoria, the Rhynie Wifies will be demonstrating some Victorian crafting skill for visitors to have-a-go at.

For more information on the Wifies’ visit, contact Banchory Library on (01330) 823784 or send an e-mail to: BanchoryHeritage@aol.com