‘River of Fish’ migrates to Braemar

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Historic Braemar Castle never had a moat but now it’s surrounded by a river of fish.

Over 200 ceramic salmon stretching 30 metres are currently swimming at the Castle.

The “River of Fish” features ceramic parr and smolt and twelve larger salmon known as “bars of silver”.

The Banchory-based community project began in February this year.

It’s designed to celebrate the life-cycle of the salmon and has involved a wide range of local artists as well as 300 members of the community, from school children to the Third Stage group who meet at Woodend Barn, all under the supervision of the creative collective, the Heckleburn Quines.

The fish, sponsored by Woodend Barn, have already been on display at Banchory Lodge Hotel, Woodend Barn and Balmoral Castle and as of Monday, the salmon have migrated up the River Dee, as salmon do, to Braemar Castle.

Braemar Castle manager Laura McMeekin said ”We’re delighted to welcome the fish to Braemar.

“The Castle’s had a long and fascinating history but we’ve never seen anything like this.

“The fish look fantastic and they will add another dimension for our visitors.”

The River of Fish will be at Braemar Castle for two weeks.

The project is designed to engage participants across the community, combining creativity with education, working with our partners Woodend Barn and The River Dee Trust. Opportunities to purchase a Bar of Silver (18 salmon) are still available and anyone interested should email Heckleburn Quines for more information. Further details from Braemar Castle are available by calling 013397 41209 or visiting www.braemarcastle.co.uk and the www.heckleburnquines.co.uk.