Ross enjoys his chart success

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A WESTHILL teenager’s song has reached number five in the charts after just two weeks on sale, writes Scott Campbell.

Eighteen-year-old Ross Buchanan penned the lyrics to ‘Story Teller’ while sitting in the garden in late April.

“Two weeks ago I was sitting outside and I decided to write my first song,” said Ross, a former Westhill Academy pupil, who cites his musical inspirations as Frank Turner and Jack Johnson.

“It was a really sunny day and I thought it would be an awesome idea. I didn’t think I’d be good at songwriting but surprisingly it only took about half an hour to write!”

After submitting his single to Apple’s iTunes store, he didn’t think much of it until a friend sent him a Facebook message informing him that the song had entered the singer-songwriter chart at number five.

His fame has reached as far as Lebanon and Australia after sales of the track rocketed.

“I went to Ireland on holiday last summer and met two Australian girls, who have sent the song around,” said Ross, who lives at Westhill Grange with mum Tina and dad, Bill. “My sister’s fiance is from Lebanon and people there are rating it too.

“A 15-year-old fan in Italy even put my song on YouTube with a picture montage on it - it really is going global.”

The teen, who has been playing classical guitar since the age of five, is planning to release a mini album at the end of the month and has a number of photoshoots lined up as well as a music video.

But despite all the attention, Ross hasn’t let fame go to his head.

“To be on the chart alongside some of the best singer-songwriters in Britain and America is so cool,” he said.

His single can be found on iTunes and SoundCloud by searching for ‘Story Teller’ and downloaded for 79p.

Ross will play live at The Tunnels in Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, on June 3.