Round the Churches

Echt and Midmar Churches Together

Morning Worship: Sunday July 5 in Echt Church at 10.15am.

Prayer Chain: Our prayer chain is, confidentially and individually, for the people of our parishes and the world beyond. Prayer requests can be given to the minister or placed in the prayer box at the rear of our churches. All requests will remain confidential to the members of the Prayer Chain.

Traidcraft: In addition to our weekly Traidcraft stall, catalogues are also available and if there are specific items you would like to order please let Liz Watt know.

Facebook Page: We are now regularly updating the Church Facebook page. Please visit Midmar and Echt Churches Together and ‘like’ to receive updates.

Dates for your diary:

Look out for our Church Stand at the Echt Show on Saturday July 11. A chance for a blether or a quiet break with the kids to colour in pictures and have a welcome seat.

A Summer Club for youngsters will run during the week beginning August 10. Activities, running on every week-day morning in the week before schools return, will include the chance to ‘perform’ and perhaps even provide a welcome break for mums and dads who will have spent 5 weeks ‘entertaining’ their children. If your own children or grand-children are interested or, if you would like to help out in some way, please speak to Elspeth or look out for more information in our Church stand at the Echt Show.

Cushnie and Tough Church

Next Sunday there will be a joint service 10am at Tough church followed by tea and coffee.

Please note the during the summer we have joint services

All July 10am Joint service Tough church

All August 10am Joint service Cushnie church

Maryculter Trinity Church of Scotland

Name Change: It is often said: What’s in a name?

Well in answer to the above question in terms of the Banchory- Devenick & Maryculter/ Cookney Church of Scotland it is a whole mouthful.

So after careful deliberation and prayer it has been resolved to change the name to Maryculter Trinity Church of Scotland.

A name which seeks to uphold the Trinitarian nature of the Christian Church as well as honour the past history of the three parish churches that form the basis of this union.

So it may be a change of name but by no means do we want to forget our roots or the long history of faithful service by the three Parish churches. So look out for the new kid on the block!

Banchory West Church

Banchory West Church invites you to their main gathering on Sunday Morning at 10.30 am where we will share the Lord’s Supper.

Tony Stephen will begin preaching the new theme “Seriously Good Value”

Monday Morning Group continues throughout the summer months - come along to the Murray Room between 10.00am and 12 Noon if you’d like advice and support on finding employment.

Friday Coffees is open every week from 10.00am till 12 Noon in the Centenary Hall - pop in for company, a Fair Trade cuppa and a fine piece.

01330 822006

Evening of Praise at St Thomas’s Church, Aboyne

St Thomas’s Church in Aboyne is again holding an Evening of Praise, on Sunday July 5, starting at 6pm. There will be hymns for everyone to sing, and the St Thomas’s Augmented Choir, conducted by Marcus Marsh, will sing three anthems, including Stanford’s Jubilate. There will also be Solos and Readings. It will be followed by light refreshments and a chance to chat. Everyone is welcome to come, from any church or none.