Salmon are in the classroom at Cluny!

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Pupils at a small rural Donside school were praised by environment minister Stewart Stevenson for their excellent work on a ‘Salmon in the Classroom’ project.

Mr Stevenson visited Cluny Primary School, near Sauchen, on Friday (November 25).

The project, run by the River Don Trust, encouraged the children to learn about the lifecycle of the salmon by rearing the fish in the school for three months, before releasing the young fish into the local burn.

The children gave a presentation about their learning to Mr Stevenson, local MSP Dennis Robertson, members of the River Don Trust and RAFTS (Rivers and Fisheries Trusts Scotland).

The school used the project to develop science, promote outdoor learning and make clear links across the new curriculum, A Curriculum for Excellence.

During the presentation, pupils shared writing, maths, artwork and music that they had created through the project. They told how they had cleaned up the area around the local burn to look after their local environment and then each released one fish into the burn. Mr Stevenson was particularly pleased that one of the pupils had named their fish ‘Alex Salmon’.

The school was presented with a certificate of commendation and a digital camera for competing and winning the Trust’s ‘Salmon in the Classroom Project’ this year. The school had been graded highly upon several areas of the project, including participation, success, enthusiasm and interpretation.

Headteacher Ken Girdwood, said: “The project has been terrific for the school. It has helped us to engage successfully with one of our partners in the community, the River Don Trust, has encouraged the children to take an active interest in their environment and has helped us to make the learning relevant and fun.”