Salmond's send up address a hit with viewers

Alex Salmond pictured in his Christmas message video
Alex Salmond pictured in his Christmas message video

Alex Salmond's reprise of a Rev Jolly type character in his TV show attracted more than 7,000 views on YouTube in just a few days over Christmas.

In addition, it has already been viewed by a further 100,000 people on Facebook.

The comic broadcast has already attracted twice the total YouTube audience of his last Christmas message as First Minister in 2013.

Mr Salmond said: "There may be a lesson here in the art of festive political communication. The Rev Jolly character was made famous by the late, great Rikki Fulton and is still remembered with great affection as a New Year institution.

"I do it as the Very Reverend Former First Minister and he pokes gentle humour and just about everybody, especially myself. At any rate, there has been a great reaction to the Christmas Special.

"For the Hogmanay Show tomorrow (Thursday) we will give the Rev another outing. Last week he looked back to the auld year with campaign complete gloom. This week he looks forward in total despondency.

"It is a cracker of a Show with Judy Murray, Gerard Burns and Des Clarke joining in the fun along with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and myself.

"It is based at the Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel in the capital city and I appear throughout in full Highland regalia - except, of course, when I don that famous dog collar!"