Satisfaction guaranteed at Cairngorms

Loch Kinnord
Loch Kinnord

A new survey has given the Cairngorms National Park a glowing report as a holiday destination.

96% of visitors love the Cairngorms National Park, 98%said they would recommend the Park to others and 93% said they would visit the Cairngorms National Park again.

The results showed that the most popular activities when people get to the park are sightseeing and walking.

The Cairngorms National Park Visitor Survey 2014/15 revealed an increase in visitor satisfaction with those surveyed giving the Park a score of 8.8 out of 10 – that’s an increase from 8.25 in the 2009/10 survey.

The results were released at the annual Cairngorms Business Partnership conference at the Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel in Aviemore last Wednesday, November 4.

The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) commissioned the survey, with the results available to view in full on the CNPA website.

Paul Easto is a CNPA Board member and chair of the Cairngorms Tourism Partnership, as well as the director of a Park-based adventure tourism business.

He said: “The visitor survey tells us that many businesses throughout the Park are doing a great job in providing a wide range of tourism experiences.

“The research also confirms that international visitors are an increasingly important part of the visitor mix.

“It also highlights areas where improvements are required including digital connectivity, which is essential to maintain the National Park’s competitiveness as a tourism destination.”

There has been significant investment in visitor infrastructure across the National Park in recent years both by the public and private sector.

While the Cairngorms National Park is clearly a winner in the eyes of visitors, the survey did highlight some areas which could be improved upon – these included public transport and phone and wifi connectivity.

Some people interviewed also thought that longer opening hours would be beneficial and some would like to see some cheaper attractions, shops and restaurants throughout the park.

Nine percent even commented that the weather could be improved.