Save lives, know your nearest PAD

Know your nearest PAD
Know your nearest PAD

A map has been made showing where all the public access defibrillators (PADs) are in Deeside, and training will be on offer to anyone who wants it.

It began with Mid Deeside Ltd and the Mid Deeside Community Council forming a group to lead the project, originally to set up eight PADs. The first PAD was installed on the external wall of the ambulance station in Aboyne, and opened in March this year.

Now there are 15, with more likely to spring up.

Councillor Katrina Farquhar said: “It’s been a really exciting project and we’ve now got defibrillators all over Deeside, and I’ve had people from as far as Huntly telling me they’re wanting to get them there.

Cllr Farquhar added:“There seems to have been a surge in awareness about defibrillators - I didn’t know that much about them until this project took off.

“I think quite a lot of places have them, like doctor’s surgeries and golf club’s, but these ones are available 24-hour and I think that’s the difference.”

The PADs are in weather-proof, unlocked boxes, and once turned on, they will talk the user through how to use them, only allowing a shock to be delivered if needed.

May Hauxwell, a First Responder for the Tarland and Mid Deeside Communtiy First Responders, said: “The First Reponders are going to give everybody and anybody who wants free training the help they need to get used to using the defibrillators and CPR.”

Hundreds of people have already attended CPR and PAD training in Mid Deeside, and these courses will be offered again in Autumn. There will also be a drop in session on Saturday, September 26, at 10am, in the Scout Hut in Aboyne where people can try out CPR, use a defibrillator, and sign up for the courses.

The Tarland and Mid Deeside Community First Responders are trained by the ambulance service and assessed every six months by them. They are the first people on the scene when nobody can contact an ambulance.

Barry Hauxwell, Director of Mid Deeside Ltd, said: “I feel very grateful to everybody who has donated and helped us.

“A lot of individuals and organisations have generously given their time and efforts to this project and I would just like to thank all of them.”

They include: the Aboyne Games Committee, AJC Ltd, Bellwood Area Residents Association (BARA), the Boat Inn, Manager of Aboyne Co-op Sean Carty, Electrician Stuart Davidson, Dinnet Estates, Dinnet Garage, Dinnet Village Hall Committee, Deeside Log Cabins, Ellie Flaver, Electrical Engineer Alan Fraser, the British Heart Foundation, GMB Scotland Aberdeenshire Public Services Union, Marcus Humphrey, James Jones Saw Mill, Kincardine O’Neil Community and Village Hall, Brian Kinkead, Miss Mary Laing, Loch Kinord Hotel, Marr Area Committee of Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeenshire Council Property Department, Mrs Roberta Milne, Michael Rassmussen Associates, NHS Grampian Endowment, Rose Lodge Nursery Aboyne, Brian Smith Undertakers Aboyne, Scottish Ambulance Service, Dr Jack Taylor, John Troup Butchers, David and Andrea Thompson, Tarland and Mid Deeside Community First Responders, Woodside Vetinary, Davidson Chemist Aboyne, and the Mid Deeside community who gave financial support at the sponsored bag pack in the Aboyne Co-op.