Say goodbye to the pies as Caulder’s bakery shuts

Caulders Baker Shutting up Shop
Caulders Baker Shutting up Shop
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For the first time in over 110 years there will no longer be a bakery in Torphins, with Caulder’s shutting up shop last weekend (September 14).

The townspeople showed their appreciation with a presentation to owners Robbie and Agnes Garden, on the closing of Caulder’s.

The pair were caught completely unawares by community ccouncillor Gordon Smith when he presented them with a cash collection, organised by Ian Hendry, and hosted by the Pharmacy in Torphins.

Books filled with messages of thanks and good luck were also collected and passed on to Robbie and Agnes, who have had the shop for the last 25 years.

The Caulder’s premises was a bakers long before the Gardens took it over.

In 1898, 21-year-old Joseph Walker opened his first b akery in Torphins with a loan of £50 and the ambition to make the finest shortbread in the world.

By the 1970s, Joseph’s grandchildren had begun exporting the now famous Walkers shortbread to over 60 countries around the world.

Now the Gardens have sold their house and the bakery and are heading for Ellon.

Gordon Smith said: “Two full books of best wishes from local residents and customers were collected, many wishing the best for Agnes and Robbie in their retirement although they will still be carrying on with other interests.”