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Alford’s Grampian Transport Museum has been given a new item to go on permanent display.

The new exhibit is a 1920 Kenilworth motor scooter.

It is the first time anyone at the museum has seen anything like it and they are asking Dee and Donsiders if they have any information about such a vehicle.

The eccentric machine was made by Booth Bros of Coventry and it is a genuine ‘stand up’ scooter, with no seat at all.

It has a 150cc engine and magnito that shares the LH footboard with the intrepid rider.

The rear wheel is fully faired, presumably to allow ladies’ long dresses to escape fouling the drive chain.

It may be that the design had something to do with modesty compared to a conventional motorcycle.

The Kenilworth was donated by Mrs Anna Larman, from Gloucestershire, who reports that it was new to a William Fraser of Strichen, hence its local reg number, SA3657.

In the 1930’s it was purchased by Anna’s grandmother, Jane Webster who farmed at Croft No. 14, Tyrie, Fraserburgh, later passing to her son, James Webster, Blacksmith, Smiddyseat, Tyrie.

The search is now on for photos of this curiosity being used in Aberdeenshire or indeed any further information for use in its display.

The machine is complete and original, even with its original paint and lining and will be displayed immediately at the museum.

Anyone with information on the motor scooter can call curator Mike Ward, on (019755) 62292.