Scouts head for Denmark

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Twenty One Cubs, Scouts and Explorers as well as five Leaders from the 1st Braemar Scout Group set off to Denmark last week at the invitation of the Geels Scout Gruppe from Copenhagen.

The association of the two groups started when scouts from Braemar attended a jamboree in Denmark in 2009. The Danish Scouts then came to camp in Braemar last summer and to take part in the Braemar Junior Highland Games. Fundraising for this trip has been going on locally during the last year.

As a memento of their visit, the Braemar contingent took a specially commissioned Targe to present to the Danish Scouts. The Targe was designed by the Wood family and created by Michel Brat of Braemar. The Braemar contingent was also presented with stag horn woggles by Gareth Guy of the Horn Shop in Braemar.

The group left last Friday for a week in Denmark to return in time for the 2011 Braemar Junior Highland Games on Saturday.