Singing for fun at the Barn

Singing for Joy is a singing group that has been running for several years at Woodend Barn on Tuesday mornings.

The group is led by Fiona and Mark Hope and is for all those who want to sing.

Fiona says: “You may have been told that you cannot sing. Dont beleive it. Everyone can sing, it’s just a question of tuning in and practice.

We laugh a lot. Singing is a great way to relax, change your mood and make new friends.

There is no need to read music as we learn the songs by ear. They are generally simple and quick to learn and come from all over the world. We to tend sing standing up and often walk about, although some people prefer to sit. We do not give concerts believing that there is a place for just having fun with no pressure to perform. We sing rounds or simple four part harmony songs often in different languages. If you want to know more about the philosophy behind the group please look at”

Fiona adds:”The group is very friendly and of around twenty people of all ages with new people always welcome. As the songs are quick to learn, you can drop in and out if you cannot come every week.

The new session runs from Tuesday, February 12 until March 12, 10.30 -12.00.”

To book see or pay on the door.