Snail mail in Finzean

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Snail mail has taken hold in a Deeside postbox where people can no longer post their letters for fear of them being devoured by the greedy gastropods.

Deeside postie Andrew Blanche noticed the mail-loving molluscs in the postbox at the end of the road leading to Finzean House and believes they are attracted to the glue on envelopes and the picture-side of postcards.

“I noticed the snails were sticking to the mail and when I peeled the snails off, the precise shape of the snail was left on the envelope, with damage to both envelope and the letter inside it,” he said.

“From this, I knew that the snails were, in fact, eating the mail by sticking to it and dissolving it to get the glue, or some other content of the envelope.

“Damage to envelopes had been observed in previous years in this particular wallbox, with snails sticking to the damage. It had been written off before as damage caused by sharp edges in the wallbox.

“The box itself is a wallbox set at the corner of a farmer’s field. This area is overgrown and so has lots of snails in it. Due to the fact that it is a wallbox and not a postbox on a metal pillar, snails can easily go up the wall and enter the postbox which, at the bottom, has lots of dead snails.”

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