Snakes ssseek new homes after record year at Drumoak

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The Scottish SPCA is appealing to reptile enthusiasts in Deeside and Donside to take on one of the 34 snakes in their care at Drumoak.

Staff at the charity’s Deeside rehoming centre, which covers the whole of Aberdeenshire, have taken in a record number of the creatures so far this year.

They have looked after 80 snakes this year so far, compared to just 14 in 2013 and 13 in 2012.

Senior Animal Care Assistant Jacki Bell said: “We have a large variety of snakes, from tiny baby corn snakes to a Taiwanese beauty rat snake, boas and pythons.

“Unfortunately, we seem to struggle to rehome exotics animals in this area, especially corn snakes.”

Corn snakes are often docile and easy to handle.

Anyone interested in rehoming a snake should call 03000 999 999.