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It may feel like winter is taking that little bit longer to shift this year, but the ski centres in Scotland are buried deep in snow and preparing forward for a busy Easter weekend.

The recent snowstorms have brought a huge boost to Scotland’s mountain ski areas - with all reporting unprecedented conditions for this time of year.

The Lecht ski centre had been stormbound for the last few weeks and, despite numerous efforts, the clearing of the snow from the access roads was deemed almost impossible at some points - taking hours to only clear about a mile stretch.

On Monday, however, the Lecht and Glenshee reopened with plenty of fresh powder in time for the Easter break.

Heather Negus, chair of Ski-Scotland, said: “Not only have the storms brought huge dumps of snow, but it’s amazing quality for the time of year. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no such thing as ‘the wrong sort of snow’ – we welcome it all!

“However, at this time of year we’d expect spring snow, which is usually quite wet, but what all the ski areas are reporting is lovely soft fluffy snow and loads of fresh powder.”


At all the ski resorts, staff are working flat out to dig out lifts and clear roads to make sure all pistes are open and accessible for everyone to enjoy in time for Easter weekend and the school holidays.

Heather continued: “With the weather forecast to continue cold throughout Easter, we recommend getting out and enjoying it.

‘‘Most mountain ski areas are not really busy at this time of year, and over the past few weeks there have been few queues, with some ski areas reporting that customers have been skiing straight onto the lifts.

‘‘While we can’t guarantee that will continue, we can guarantee some great Easter snowsports in the Scottish Highlands.”

Using current data, snowsports have already injected over £18M into the Scottish economy this winter.

Of this, £14.4M will have been spent “off the hill” in local accommodation, places to eat, shops and filling stations, with the remaining £3.6M spent at the snowsports areas themselves.