Sound festival set for take off

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The annual Sound Festival, an initiative developed by Woodend Barn and the University of Aberdeen, kicks of on October 21 at Woodend Barn, and as is to be expected from this adventurous venue, the opening concert is set to be quite something.

Red Note Ensemble, in partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland, will present 1000 Airplanes on the Roof - one of the great works by American composer Philip Glass.

Sound programme co-ordinator, Fiona Robertson, said: “Sound has been getting more and more ambitious over the years and this year, we are particularly excited by the range of music and events being staged.

“We launch with the stunning 1000 Airplanes on the Roof and over the opening weekend we will present an 18-event showcase of Scottish new music including four concerts at the Barn.

“Over the weekend 13-18 years olds from Banchory will come together with professional musicians to compose new works for performance in sound.

“We will also welcome the fabulous NYOS Futures with Aberdeen -born Joe Boyd to Woodend Barn.