Speed cut at Craigievar

Pupils appealed to motorists to slow down when passing the school last year
Pupils appealed to motorists to slow down when passing the school last year
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Craigievar school’s head teacher, Andrea Drummond, has given a cautious welcome to the speed limit reduction on the road outside the building.

Aberdeenshire council announced a cut from 60 to 50 mph on the stretch of the A980 outside the school came in to force from Monday this week.

The school campaigned last year to have the limit reduced with the Parent Council, police, road staff and teachers meeting to discuss the issue.

This was followed by pupils handing out leaflets and distributing letters locally.

The school has warning signs and flashing lights indicating a 20 mph limit at certain times.

Ms Dummond welcomed the change but worried it would be ignored by drivers: “We’re quite happy the limit has been reduced to 50 but my worry is that it will be ignored by many drivers. We had a police check set up near the school recently and they caught drivers doing over 40 when our 20 signs were flashing. It seems like when we make a change it only lasts a couple of weeks before everyone goes back to their old ways. That’s the real concern.”

Alford councillor Alistair Ross said: “There’s always a risk that speed limits will be ignored, so the question is how do you get the message across? To me the only solution seems to be a limit reduction.

Drivers will question why they have to slow down at this part of the road, see the school and remember the limit has been reduced for the next time they pass.”

“We just have to hope it’s something drivers will think about and get used to.” he added.

Saftey on the roads is a major concern for police with 22 people being killed on roads in Grampian last year.

It has proved a hot topic for those who follow The Piper on Facebook.

Iain McDonagh said on the site: “(The) majority of folk think speed limits don’t apply to them. Limits are there for a reason, (I) think it’s very selfish and arrogant of people to ignore them. I don’t solely put the blame on drivers, but how many drivers speed vs kids run out on the road. Kids and everybody in general should take more responsibility when walking in the dark.”