Spirit of Christmas is alive in Banchory

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Banchory Lions Club members are delighted with this year’s response to their Giving Tree.

One of the Lions commented on the generosity of local people, saying: “We are amazed at the number of people who take a tag off our Giving Tree and then buy the most thoughtful gifts for the children, who are nominated by the social workers at the Hill of Banchory.

“We never know anything about the children or their families. We receive a list with a child’s age and gender - nothing else. Years ago, when we started the Giving Tree, we stipulated that no-one needed to spend more than £5 on a gift but no-one ever stuck to that and the presents donated this year were toys and items of quality - it shows real kindness.”

A generous donation was received from the local Humpty Dumpty Club, which was passed on to the social work department.

The Lions pick up the presents from Morrisons, which hosts the tree, and the Burnett Arms Hotel, which acts as a drop-off point for the gifts each year, and deliver them to the Ssocial ork department, who then have the mammoth task of matching the gifts to the children.

“The response to the Banchory Lions’ Giving Tree certainly proves that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Banchory.”