Spooky Men at Woodend

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The truth is that real women play with swords and real men sing.

At 7.30pm on Tuesday, August 23, at Woodend Barn in Banchory, people can see this for themselves.

Gaorsach Rapper and Step are an all-woman troupe, hailing from Aberdeen, who perform an evolved version of traditional clog dance. Gaorsach were initially formed as a Rapper Sword team in 2002 and the past few years have seen them develop their unique brand of tunes, songs and dances.

Songs sung of ‘lady gardens’ and some close harmony dances with the flexible blades are part of their trademark high-energy style, along with their striking red kilts. Gaorsach can mostly be found travelling the UK, wowing audiences, teaching workshops, and researching the merits of a variety of service stations and pubs.

Gaorsach will be supporting the unusually-named Spooky Men’s Chorale, an all-male singing ensemble from Australia (pictured left). This odd choir look like they’ve stepped straight from an Hieronymus Bosch painting with their outrageous facial hair and many hats, and sing a repertoire that ranges from traditional Georgian table singing, through the Beatles and Abba to songs of man-angst and power tools. They describe themselves as: ‘large with a fearsome voice that strikes terror into the hearts of mere mortals, cumbersome, oafish, rather hairy and with a distinct, lingering bouquet.’

Tickets from Woodend Barn on (01330) 825431.