Square sign defaced

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Vandals have targeted the entrance sign to Banchory’s Scott Skinner Square, daubing the plaque dedicated to renowned fiddler with graffiti.

The crime comes at time when Councillors have been discussing the re-juvination of the Deeside site (see front page).

The sign honours Banchory-born James Scott Skinner, a world-famous fiddler and proponent of traditional Scottish music who died in 1927.

Councillors in the town united to condemn the “thoughtless” act of vandalism.

Cllr Karen Clark stressed that the act was “unusual” in Banchory: “We don’t tend to see a lot of this in Banchory thankfully and I think that most people in town take pride in the place and try and keep it nice.

“As much as anything it is a waste of taxpayer’s money as the council will have to pay to clean that off.”

Ward colleague Cllr Linda Clark agreed: “This is shocking, just plain thoughtlessness. I would urge anyone with any information to get in touch with the Police. There is no such thing as a victimless crime, money from another ‘pot’ (in the council budget) will have to be taken to pay for the clean up, so everyone loses.”

Aberdeenshire Provost and Banchory Councillor Jill Webster said: “I’m very disappointed to see this in the town, especially at a time when we are trying to boost the town centre.

She added there was “no excuse” for the act: “It is just so frustrating, there is no excuse whatsoever.”