SSPCA appeal to animal lovers with rehoming week

CREEPER: Seeking a home
CREEPER: Seeking a home

The SSPCA centre in Drumoak is encouraging animal lovers in Aberdeenshire to consider giving a rescue pet a second chance at happiness.

Staff at the charity’s Aberdeenshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Drumoak are hoping to find new homes for the dogs, cats, rabbits, domestic rodents, horses and other pets in their care this Rehoming Week, running from March 17-23.

Centre manager Graeme Innes said: “Last year our centre found wonderful new homes for 727 pets but there’s always more we can do to raise awareness of the number of rescue animals in our care and that’s what Rehoming Week is all about.

“Many of the animals at our centre were rescued from lives of abuse or neglect and some were even discarded like rubbish when their owners decided they no longer wanted to look after them.

The charity stressed that no one should ever make an impulse decision to rehome an animal, Mr Innes highlighted this point with an example.

He said, “Creeper is a Chinese soft shelled turtle who has been in our care since July... we are struggling to find anyone with the knowledge to take him on because he requires such specialist care.

“Creeper’s accommodation and set up will be costly so any new owner will also have to bear this in mind.

“Creeper is so unusually interested in people.”