St Ternan’s Fair opts for Diamond Jubilee weekend

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A decade ago, a small group of Banchory residents got together to think of a special way to mark the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

It was decided to re-instate St Ternan’s Fair, held in Banchory from medieval times and still mentioned in the 19th century tatistical accounts.

The Ffair had always been an opportunity for the community to hold a market, as well as a fair, and was a celebration of the village’s patron saint.

The new 2002 fair would give local businesses and charities a chance to show the community what they had to offer, or what their aims were, as well as to celebrate the monarch’s 50-year reign.

This year is the 10th anniversary St Ternan’s Fair and fittingly is going to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. The fair will be held on the Diamond Jubilee weekend (June 1-4) and will culminate with a special event.

There are 2,012 registered beacons which will be lit on the night of Monday, June 4, and Banchory has been accepted as one of those registered beacons.

The lighting of the Banchory Beacon will bring the celebratory weekend to a close.

The fair will have its regular events such as the ferret championships, companion dog show and the traditional music ‘birl’ tent, but will also have some events specially for the anniversary and jubilee.

The St Ternan’s Fair Committee is inviting every local charity, club or business to take part in this special weekend, and asks anyone interested to contact or with their contact details.

Anyone who cannot think of a way in which they can be involved should contact them anyway, as they will try to find one!

Those not online can get in touch by phone on (01330) 822105.

* St Ternan’s Heritage Fair is held every year on the second weekend in June and revives the tradition of the St Ternan’s Fair Market held in medieval times, when vendors travelled to Banchory along the drovers roads and set up stalls to sell their wares, with entertainment provided by itinerant musicians. The 1834 statistical accounts report that St Ternan’s Fair, the most ancient of the six fairs held in Banchory at that time, had around 400 stalls, whereas the others had just a hundred or so vendors. It was also an opportunity for local people to sell their surplus goods or barter produce or items they had made. The modern-day St Ternan’s celebrates local culture and features a range of events for locals and visitors.