Starlight Stomp raises funds for Teddington


Local children gathered at Aboyne’s Coo Cathedral last week to take part in a Starlight Stomp in the Deeside woodland.

At least 75 children donned “I’m a starlight stomper” high-visibility jackets provided by Cala Homes and glow sticks as they set off at sun down for the sponsored walk, which was organised to raise funds for the Teddington Trust.

The children enjoyed a walking Little Ted story, The Spectacular Light, which was written by Nicola Miller, mother of Eddison Miller.

Eddison has a genetic condition which means he must live his life in completeavoidance and protection from Ultra-violet rays found in daylight and artificial light sources; Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP).

The starlight stompers stumbled across a woodland sprite doorway, fairies in jars illuminating the woods and a `unicorn` by the lake. On arrival back at the Coo children were rewarded with cake and hot chocolate while enjoying some star themed craft and indoor illuminated night sky.

The vision of Teddington Trust is to provide free of charge to every XP family with a child aged 0-12 years a complete set of the Little Ted Books and a UV reactive Little Ted educational bear.