Stepping back in time

A special Lichens and Lions event, celebrating Drum Castle’s medieval history, is to take place on Sunday, May 13.

Alison Burke, property manager at Drum Castle, Garden and Estate, Drumoak said: “Join us for some mediaeval-inspired crafts in our 700-year-old castle. Discover what type of beasties and plants were squished up to make coloured dyes in our mediaeval plants and dyes workshop, before having a go at using some of these dyes to write a message with a feather quill.”

On top of this, visitors will have the chance to discover all the families linked to the Irvines of Drum by examining the family shields on the library ceiling and create their own heraldic shield to take home.

The event runs from 11am to 4pm. For further information, call 0844 4932161.

Drum’s combination of a 13th-century square tower, a Jacobean mansion house and the additions of the Victorian lairds make it unique among Scottish castles.

Inside, there is superb furniture, fine paintings and magnificent views from the battlements of the Forest of Drum and the countryside. Outside, visitors can explore the beautiful Garden of Historic Roses, woodland trails and playground.