Storybook Glen: “nightmare fuel” or children’s wonderland?

Deeside’s Storybook Glen came under fire last week after online critics slammed the attraction, calling it a “creepy meth-themed ‘fun’ park”.

Thursday, 16th April 2015, 1:36 pm

Well, it’s a fair few years since I first toddled through its turreted gates, but my, how things must have changed for visitors to be describing the fairytale characters as “nightmare fuel”.

Photographs of characters at Storybook Glen, or The Den in the Glen as it is now known, were posted on Reddit by user wolf8668, who had come across the images on picture sharing website, Imgur.

When ViralNova shared imaged from the thread, the criticisms went viral.

Now, I have vivid (and, might I add, happy) memories of running round the attraction, sitting on the model toadstools and clambering into Cinderella’s carriage to play at being a princess.

Since then, times have undoubtedly changed and new models added, namely the Donkey character from Shrek, which was described by critics as looking like “a monster that feeds on happiness.”

But I wonder what the children, who continue to visit the park today, would say, if given the opportunity to comment on the “residents” of Storybook Glen.

Despite the public’s compulsive viewing of ‘Breaking Bad’, I would hope that children today remain unaffected enough see the attraction as the fantasy wonderland of fairytale characters it was to me and so many others of my generation, rather than a drug-influenced fun park.

One Reddit user commented on the thread: “I used to go there when I was a kid and I loved that place!”

If some areas are a bit rough around the edges, as the online critics suggest, I am certain it is nothing a lick of paint couldn’t cure.

The Den in the Glen continues to look impressive, particularly in the summer months, and 34 years after opening, is clearly still a hit with local families, who flocked to the park to enjoy the sun over Easter weekend.