Street pastor speaks to South Marr group

Guest speaker at the South Marr Community Safety Group annual general meeting on Thursday, May 17 will be Gerry Bowyer of the Aberdeen Street Pastors.

The job of a Street Pastor is to have a presence on the streets during the evenings to help keep revellers safe and free from harm. The meeting will be held in the Tor-na-Coille hotel, Banchory at 7.30pm. All are welcome.

The group has been involved in a number of other projects, including a series of ‘First on Scene’ DVD’s which have their official launch on Tuesday, May 15. The DVDs demonstrate the correct responses to possible life-threatening scenarios. This initiative won the annual Aberdeenshire Community Safety Award in March 2011 and leader, Roddy Lees, was awarded volunteer of the year at the 2012 awards

During the past five years the Community Safety Group has been involved in the ‘Pass Plus’ initiative and participants have been funded to the tune of £6000. Applicants can get £80 towards the cost of the course provided they are under 25 and take the course within a year of passing the driving test.

A spokesman said: “We have funding to distribute to any group or individual who needs help with projects which come under the Community Safety priority list such as vandalism, road safety and substance mis-use.”

An application form can be obtained be contacting the Treasurer on 01330 822827 or visiting the Community Safety website