Success in NY for Deeside tourism

Andrew Mellon, managing partner of The Style Academy at Glenmuick was in New York last week promoting Royal Deeside and The Style Academy to American journalists and has said it was an “amazing success”.

Mr Mellon was attending a press launch organised by Visit Britain where he spoke to the US journalists about the area and he has confirmed that the event has secured coverage from seven US newspapers and magazines who will be writing about the area in a wide variety of publications.

Not only did Royal Deeside and The Style Academy appeal to print journalists, Mr Mellon confirmed that he has secured five segments for ABC television syndicated network, which will be filmed in early April across Royal Deeside.

It’ll then be broadcast across the USA in travel and news segments on a number of programmes on the ABC network.

Mr Mellon was then delivering 25 press packs and gift bags to magazine editors who were unable to attend the launch, but requested information, in hope that they will also be picking up on promoting the area to a US readership.

Included in the press pack will be information about some of the Royal Deeside businesses who partnered The Style Academy and presented ‘ready to go’ type stories to the US media.

Mr Mellon commented: “A was a great day for Royal Deeside, as Royal Deeside becomes a “must visit” destination for Americans visiting Scotland. Thanks also go to the events sponsor - Iain Burnett - The Highland Chocolatier - who provided the stunning chocolates and gift bags, along with the DMO, Butterworth Gallery, Piccolo Press and Ballindalloch Castle - all who provided products for the gift bags.”