Support for young people projects

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Grampian Police is supporting two projects for young people in the Donside area which will allow them to develop their creative skills.

The Community Initiative Fund was set up to allow officers to put forward projects to receive funding which will in turn benefit the local community.

Since 2008 Alford Academy has been running the XL Club with the support of The Prince’s Trust to help develop skills, confidence and motivation. Its membership is made up of secondary pupils who have exhibited disruptive behaviour, low confidence, low self-esteem or a lack of social skills.

Pupils are offered support through a variety of non-standard education experiences, such as first-aid training and studies of citizenship and personal awareness, building a portfolio which is then submitted for assessment.

Alford’s XL Club has already achieved success in allowing pupils to achieve more than they might using other, standard routes. The club has had a positive impact, not only on pupils and the academy, but also the local community.

Grampian Police’s Community Initiative Fund will provide specially designed wooden tutorial boards on which joinery and painting skills are taught and practiced, then displayed.

A second project in Alford, run by the local Community Learning and Development team, has also received assistance from the fund.

The team actively works with local young people and runs a number of projects and activities. One of these is the development of the Alford Skate Park, which has fallen into disrepair.

It hopes to run an art project at the skate park, which will include a graffiti workshop employing a professional graffiti artist with panels being erected for the artwork.

During the project, those involved will document the activity on film, which they will then produce into a DVD to promote the young people of Alford. The funding from the Community Initiative Fund will contribute towards the overall project.